Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So many blogs, so little time

Just a quick posting:

I have recently discovered a blog which I am thoroughly enjoying:

Time Traveler - a New York Times blog which looks at the headlines in the paper exactly a hundred years ago!

Of course it is focused on the US, but nevertheless am enjoying the slightly more contextual look at what happened a year ago.

It is also a bit of an eye-opener about how the world has changed (or the sources of a few myths). The headline which caught my eye today was a report that a crew of a whaling ship was reportedly being imprisoned in Venezuela, by one President Castro. This based on the report of an escapee. It is interesting that the report does show good objectivity in that it does not buy the story without further verification, and I hope that in the coming days the blog will resolve this "storyline"...

The blog can be found at

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