Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking and acting

Am toying with the notion of starting a regular "column" of thoughts where I would take note of experiences I have here in Oslo which epitomise, for me, the difference between living here and living in South Africa. Usually they involve the realisation that someone acts on the basis of their own reasoning and not on the basis of being asked to do something. This was not an experience I can ever remember having in South Africa, so much so that it still amazes me when it happens here.

So this week's Thinker of the Day award goes to the receptionist at the bank, who simply by seeing me standing there with my bank goodie (am not sure how to explain what it is), understood that I needed another and handed it to me. May sound ridiculously simple but I am very thankful for those moments.

The overthinking moment of the week goes to me. There was a bit of a fuss on the underground today, and so for a while there was only one platform being used. The trains that came through were actually going in the 'wrong' direction as it were (i.e. would under normal circumstances been at the opposite platform). I saw a lady with skiis rush on and thought to go after her and tell her that chances are she would head off in the wrong direction, but then found myself thinking that surely others would...but no one did! So she looked as puzzled as I would have expected when the train started moving in the "wrong" direction. So i am wondering whether Norwegians are actually more worried about being their "brother's keeper" as it were than being helpful in that situation. Must be careful not to become too much like that (even though I am a bit too much my brother's keep at times).

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